How to search articles on

Google " 8-shaft"

Some time back, I published an online magazine, WeaveZine. When I went back to the workforce I had to shut down the business. Because I love the content, however, I’ve kept the site alive.

To make hosting it relative inexpensive and hacker-proof, I converted the site from a Drupal CMS to a flat-HTML site. In the process I lost the ability to have Search on the site.

But there’s a way you can search the site using Google. If you go to and type before your search terms, it’ll search just on the WeaveZine site. For example, try the following in Google: site:weavezine 8-shaft

It’ll return all the articles that mention 8-shaft weaving.

(And yes, looking at the results, I see that I need to go in and manually change the titles to the actual author’s names so it doesn’t look like I wrote everything. That was a side-effect of my conversion process way back when.)

Anyway, this Google trick works for any site. Try, for example: 8-shaft

Happy Googling!

eBook version of Inventive Weaving

The ebook version of my rigid-heddle book, Inventive Weaving, is on sale during the whole month of November for $2.99. Which is something like 90% off. Please help spread the word because I don’t want anyone who’d like to take advantage of this offer to miss out.

What’s happening is that Storey’s added my book to their Fresh Picks selection this month, along with books on cooking, solar panels, and electric fences. All of these are available in 5 different ebook formats.

If you’re new to ebooks, you don’t have to have a Kindle or iPad to read them. You can download a free app (Windows or Mac) that makes it possible to read the ebook on your computer or on other devices. For example, I buy Kindle-format books from Amazon, but usually read them on my phone or iPad.

And finally, Here’s the link to the Kindle version of Inventive Weaving.