Sock Summit: Flash Mob

Yesterday I was part of a flash mob. If you’re not famliliar with the concept, its an event where in some public space, seemingly random strangers break into coordinated action or song. It’s  like a musical come to life. This flash mob was put together by Sock Summit folk, who were so organized as to publish video tutorials for the “ode to yarn” choreography. Friday night, my roommates: Astrid Bear, Lisa Grossman (the Sock Tsarina), and Sandi Wiseheart and I crowded around a laptop to practice. Continue reading

My Willow Empire

I’m a long-range planner.  My husband tells an apocryphal story about the time he caught me furtively looking at prices of mulberry trees online.  As he approached, I was trying to switch screens and go back to the novel I was supposed to be writing.

“Syne?” he said, in a wry tone, “Was that a mulberry tree you were looking at?”
“Um, yeah…”
“Are you planning to buy a tree, raise silkworms, reel your own silk, dye it with local plants, weave it into fabric, and sew a shirt?”
“Um, yeah. How did you you know?”

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Why I Missed Derby Tonight


Refinished DeskI had a plan, it wasn’t a perfect plan, it wasn’t a well-funded plan, but it was mine and I was determined to see it through.
                                                                                —Syne Mitchell

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