Yep, I dyed my hair…again

Middle of the night, whole house asleep, and there’s me, with a box of hair dye in my hand…again.  I’m not sure what it is, a love of color, a desire to experiment, a way to shake myself out of a rut…like if I look different, perhaps I’ll be different.

Anywho, I’ve always wanted to have wierd colorful hair.  But first there was grad school, then teaching high school, then professional life, each time I had to live up to some external expectation of who I was and what I was about.

But the other night I realized, “What the heck?  If I don’t like it, I can dye it brown.”  And I took the plunge.  (Splat!, Luschious Raspberry.)

I am loving having pink hair!  At first I was afraid the new look would alienate folks.  But you know, it’s just the opposite.  I seem to be way more approachable and friendly now.  All kinds of people are coming up and talking to me, and little kids just grin.

And I take myself a lot less seriously.  It’s like I’ve thrown my dignity away, and good riddance.  Publically declaring myself an artsy-fartsy wierdo, seems to be exactly what I should be doing at the moment.

And besides, I think the color becomes me.  (Or at least, I match my camera. ;> )

Fuschia Hair

Kai’s comment when he saw me, “Mama!  Your hair’s fuschia!”  I love that kid.  Six years old and he’s already got a rich color vocabulary.

P.S. I’m not stoned, I swear!  I just got back from the eye doctor’s and my eyes are still dilated.

Weaving on TV

My friend Kate Jantz-Koprivnik is producing a series of television programs on weaving, spinning, and other fun fiber-related topics.  She’s an independent producer, and her shows will initially be shown on TCTV, a public-access station in Olympia, WA.  After that she’ll be making them available on the Internet, at a website TBD.

This past week, Kate invited me to come out to the TCTV station and have a bit of a behind-the-scenes tour.  I’d never been to a television station before so it was quite the thrill.  I got to see the studios with all their green screens and props.  The control room that switches between cameras and puts the show together, the archives of all the shows that have been aired on the station, and the video-editing room where Kate was in the process of putting the finishing touches on a program.

I don’t have pictures of all this, because like the geeky goof I am, I wandered all around the station going “Wow!” a lot and never thought to take a picture until after the station closed and we were out the door.  All I got was a picture of the sign outside the station.  You’ll just have to take my word on it that TCTV has some really cool toys.

TCTV sign

Here’s the story on my friend Kate.  A couple of years ago, she tried to convince me that I needed to start up a television show for weavers.  Having an inkling of how much work that would be, I knew I could never do it, running WeaveZine is more than enough work for me.  And Kate was the one with the passion and the vision, so I told her she should do it.

And by golly, she has!  She’s spent the past year or so taking classes and learning all about video production.  She’s taped interviews with a whole host of fabulous weavers.  (Kate’s being very cagey about who she’s taped, but she did tell me that I could say I’m one of them.  ;> )

It’s really been a joy to watch her take on this project and conquer all kinds of new skills to make it happen.  We’ve done a couple of video sessions (the spa wash-cloth video was one of them) and each time I touch base with her she’s taken her art to a whole new level.

People in Olympia, WA, you’ve got a real treat coming when the show launches.  The rest of us will have to wait until Kate gets set up for delivering it on the web.

When I first started up WeaveCast and WeaveZine, there wasn’t much for weavers online now it seems that every month brings something new and exciting for weavers on the internet.  I wonder what’s next?