This year winter came early for me. I had jaw surgery on October 2nd.

A week before surgery I found out that I’d be more disabled than I’d imagined. For example, I wouldn’t be able to lift anything heavier than five pounds, which includes things like cartons of milk and children.

So my “winterize” to-do list–that I’d expected to have two months to do–turned into a one-week list. This was a list that included little items like “refinish deck furniture,” “stack two cords of firewood,” and “build hay loft.”

I kept talking about “getting ready for winter” but it was really code for “getting ready for surgery” something I wasn’t ready to face.

It was a crazy week of too much to do, and late, late nights. I had to turn a few last-minute work requests away.

But most everything that needed to get done, got done. The one thing I regret was not spending more time with my family, especially Kai.

The surgery has been hard on all my family: Eric’s having to do the work of two parents, I’m straining meals through my teeth, but Kai’s probably been hit the hardest. He went from having super-mommy to having invalid mommy.

He was a kangaroo baby, one that spent the first two years of his life attached to my body in one way or another. He’s a lot more independent now, but he’s still used to rough-housing and getting “uppies” when he’s hurt or sad.

Not getting that has been a huge change. For both of us.

The good news about winter is that when it comes, the hard work is over. You’re as prepared as you’re going to be. All that’s left is the quiet and rest.

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