Stitch-n-Pitch: Seattle Mariners

I just got back from recording at the Seattle Mariner’s Stitch ‘n Pitch in Seattle. The content will air on Brenda Dayne’s wonderful knitting podcast Cast-On.

What a blast! I spent four hours running around talking to knitters, baseball fans, vendors, organizers, and pretty much anyone who would talk to me.

Highlights include Debbie Macomber, NYT bestselling author of knitting-related novels (she also threw out the first pitch of the game), a charity-knitting group run by muslims, a fun group of ladies knitting wristbands for a cancer walk, a mother-and-son who were quite witty, and a male knitting designer who shared tips for knitting with hand-painted yarn.

I can’t wait to see what Brenda does with the audio! It may be a while, though, I recorded something like four hours worth for her to wade through.

I’d drop in some pictures, but my husband went out of town to Comic Con and took the digital camera (my fault, I told him to.) So pictures will have to wait until I get the film processed. It’s amazing how quickly you get used to being able to instantly have your photos on the computer.

In crafty news: I attempt to teach myself how to do tapestry. Tapestry kicks my butt.

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